I keep thinking of an image: a man on bended knee, eyes level with a small child who is standing. They're talking of a journey outbound, the child looks hesitant and it is whether at the man or what the journey entails. The image has certain contours but the focus is of the gaze between the two. There is nothing peculiar about the way they dress, their setting.

I imagine it as how much the two of them are positioned in such a way, to look at another so forthright in a moment that calls for it that imbues the image in my mind as something with a latent loneliness. That is so often the case for me. I observe any such gathering of other bodies who are together and in acknowledgement of their own vitality and spirit and willingness to go on, and I can only think of how much there will be for them to lose and so soon. As with the image, I can only think of the instance to come just after the frame for as long as we've been examining it, the man to stand upright, leaving the boy to look around him and unfocused. The frame has tightened on the child. He wonders as well where he should be looking.